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Mark-EMark-E Pontypridd, WalesPosts: 179
edited March 2021 in Wildlife gardening

Does anyone know what the orange egg looking things is in the photo below. It is in one of my sweet peas.

Thanks, Mark


  • FireFire North LondonPosts: 16,398
    Are the pieces completely spherical? Could it be a mould?
  • Mark-EMark-E Pontypridd, WalesPosts: 179
    Could be. It seems to have a bit of a spherical shape.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 80,385
    Yes ... it’s the fruiting body of a fungus that’s breaking down the organic matter in your compost so it can be accessed by your plants. 

    Nothing to worry about 😊 
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  • Mark-EMark-E Pontypridd, WalesPosts: 179
    Great thanks for your help both.
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,368
    You tend to see it more in fibre pots, cardboard loo roll tubes etc.
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