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Planting in pots on a terrace

This is my first year having my own outside space which is a paved terrace, first floor level. I have inherited some plants from the landlord/ previous tenants which are still alive but I have some medium size empty pots and containers that need new plants. I don’t have much space or window sills to sow seeds indoors, so I want to plant or sow some plants outdoors for a colourful terrace - flowers but also some herbs. Any advice for easy plants to plant or seeds to sow in pots outdoors for a beginner? Can wait until April or May 


  • brackenbracken Posts: 91
    Geraniums do well in pots.  Basil, parsley, and chives all are easy to grow from seed.
  • PianoplayerPianoplayer Posts: 624
    Does it get direct sun? If so, geraniums (pelargoniums) are a really good suggestion. Also, lavender, maybe a patio rose?

    If it is shaded, then you'll need different things eg ferns.
  • SophieKSophieK Posts: 244
    For flowers I look at the container collections on Sarah Raven's website and order from there or another online nursery or grow from seeds. But yes, you'll need to know if you need shady plants or full sun lovers.
  • Thanks so much everyone for your suggestions, the terrace gets full sun each day until midday and then the buildings shade it. We already have a lemon tree in a pot out there which somehow has survived winter so I think the heat from the building must keep it warm. 
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