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Vermicomposting vs creosote.

Hi all hope you are all well.

I have a plan to start some composting with red wriggler worms. I have wanted to do it for  some time. I plan to put the vermicompost bins in a my shed which was painted inside and out with (proper) creosote (before we bought the house) It was done about two years ago and I have left the door open since I have owned the house to try to get rid of the fumes that still remain and seem quite strong...

My question is simple - will this affect the worms?

I want to have the door shut so i can regulate the temp somewhat as its fully insulated.

Let me know your thoughts, i appreciate its a niche subject!  :)

Kind regards



  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    I equate fumes with breathing and you have made me wonder how do worms breathe?
    I looked it up so they absorb air through their skin when wet but would air quality affect them?
    Looked that up but couldn't find anything except contaminated soil affects them.
    Maybe after 2 years though the smell is just a smell nothing toxic 
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