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Plant layout for raised bed


I have almost finished my design for my raised bed but feel like I am lacking that one extra plant. I am a beginner so trying to take it account eventual heights / colours / ease of looking after.

A member on here kindly suggested bay trees and lavender. I’ve gone for this and added some Fetusca Intense blue for ground cover. 

My two questions are :

1. what shall I add to this to provide more flowering interest? I was thinking geraniums but don’t have a wide plant knowledge. 
2. how shall I layout these plants I have gone for for maximum impact?

The area of the garden gets some shade in the morning but eventually gets full sun for a large portion of the day.

thanks! :)


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    That's looking good.
    Is there another grass/lavender combo to the right hand side?
    The lavender and grasses will spread more.
    It does depend on whether you like the minimalist look or the more full appearance 
    Some white pelagoniums for summer colour or cosmos purity would look good.
    Too late at the moment but alliums for spring or tulips.
  • I really like the combination, but agree that the festuca and lavender will grow fast and take up much of the remaining space. I have a similar container for this sort of Mediterranean feel (lots of sun, good drainage) with Scabious Caucasica, Alliums and Salvia Nemorosa Caradonna (for colour) along with Festuca Glauca and some herbs but it's getting very full now so will probably have to thin it out sadly. 
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  • JR44JR44 Posts: 8
    @WildFlower85 @K67 thanks both for your comments. There is the same space to the right so was going to add another lavender/grass combo to make it symmetrical. Maybe I’ll limit this to take into account the eventual spread, and put some of your options centrally to avoid it being too “full” and create variety. There’s so many to choose from I often get lost, so this really helps to narrow it!

    Should the Lavender/grass be to the back, pick some varieties you’ve mentioned to have at the front?
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,565
    The lavender will probably take up all of the space between each laurel, in time. So I would position each lavender centrally between each one, and put the Festuca somewhere else (they look nice individually potted). Then put nice white bedding plants around the lavender for extra colour and to fill the gap while they fill out. Could be seasonal e.g. white violas for spring, white lobelia for summer etc.
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