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Wood Small Patio Pergola - Arch for Patio Steps

My wood has arrived for my carpenter to fit a small pergola on my small patio and an arch matching for steps up into patio.

I am getting a fence put up as well and he recommended to paint that once up as easier.

He said I can paint the wood for pergola and arch, however, it is hard in such a small garden and not many areas to lean posts on to paint.

Would it not be easier to paint once up? Always seen them do this on garden tv programmes. 

I only managed to get one coat on 5 posts done today and another 8 to do! 

Any tips? Using Culprinol - Black Ash.

Carpenter has 2 days off next week mon/tues and need book him in.



  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 1,903
    We have 3 arches, made by my husband, in our garden and they were all painted after they had been fixed in place.
    We repaint them every 3rd year. It is time consuming but worth the effort as they look like new once they are done.
  • pepesnowypepesnowy Posts: 24
    Thank you ! 😁
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