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chilli seeds.

good morning. last year i grew chillis from seed at the end of growth had some left that had shrivelled so i took seeds out of the pods let them dry and stored them. has any body done this and will they produce if sown. sorry cannot remember name of chillis.regards peter.


  • tui34tui34 Posts: 3,289
    Good morning @wigeon   Yes, I have - successfully.  But like all seeds, they can be very mischievous - some will surface and others won't.   If you grew some last year, you will know that they need heat to germinate.   

    I have nurtured some different pepper and chilli seeds carefully in my conservatory, spray misting them, plastic over the top since the 18th February.  Most have come up -  weee!  Peering into a  large pot just outside my kitchen door in full blast of a cold wind yesterday - there are about 3 pepper/chilli seeds that are at the 2-leaf stage!  That's nature for you!
    A good hoeing is worth two waterings.

  • wigeonwigeon Posts: 36
    hello tuikowhai34.thanks for reply so its fingers crossed sown about ten seeds so might get lucky. will let you know if they produce. best regards and good luck for growing season .wigeon.
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