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Tool for thick branches

amberspyamberspy Posts: 382
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I’m thinning out our cherry Laurels and few branches are to thick to cut 
would I need pruning saw or loppers 
as need to buy 
some branches are about 2 cm thick 


  • B3B3 Posts: 25,264
    edited March 2021
    I got a really cheap fold up saw. It works fine. I don't think you need to spend a lot.
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  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,883
    Either a saw or loppers will cope with 2cm, so get whichever you think might be most useful in future (I have both, as well as some extendable loppers. Tool collections tend to grow over time). If your budget is tight, check out places like Lidl and Aldi - they sometimes have tools in their special buys.
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  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    I've had a pair of extendable loppers by Alan Titchmarsh bought in 2009, still going strong and they have seen plenty of use  in various gardens over the years.
  • delskidelski Posts: 274
    edited March 2021
    Pruning saw £5-10 easy. Cuts through well. Homebase has a folding one for a fiver. I paid £20 from a local business. 
    My loppers were £8.99 from Aldi a few years ago.
  • A folding saw can cut up to maybe 4-5" and down to half an inch so more flexible. Good to have both though 👍
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,370
    A simple bow saw taking a 2ft blade will do the job and will last a lifetime by just buying the odd replacement blade as and when.
  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,052
    Bow saws are bulky and can't get into the smaller spaces that either a pruning saw or
    loppers can.  Possibly overkill for removing branches less than 1 inch thick.
  • NewBoy2NewBoy2 Posts: 1,813
    Just bought some Wolf Garten loppers that can handle branches easily.....£46.00.
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  • NorthernJoeNorthernJoe Posts: 660
    Folding saw. I got a £15 Samurai brand and it's great for even quite big branches if you're patient and persistent.

    I have been recommended one from Silky brand by a forester. There's a variation in quality and performance across their brand range but they're still the best folding/pruning saw around.
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