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ken378ken378 Posts: 3
I have an area of garden where I would like to plant wild flowers. It is approx 12 ft x 4 ft.

I have dug it out, removed weeds and large boulders.  It is south facing so gets sun most of the day.

I am new to this so not sure what to plant.  I notice you can buy bags of mixed wild flower seeds - would this be the best way to start?

Many thanks


  • I haven't planted mine yet, but I've bought a seed from I emailed with a few questions and had really helpful responses so may be worth a look.

  • We have a similar sized area in our garden we have dedicated to wildflowers. We used BeeBombs initially which have done really great even in our clay soil. In year one we got a fantastic show, but they do literally grow in clumps from the ball of clay they come in so it wasn't very even in terms of coverage. In year two (last year) there was some spreading and the area was more full although I don't think the annuals self-seeded that well (I've put it down to the clay). This year, just to see what might grow in our soil, I'll be direct sowing some other annuals like California poppies, Cosmos and Nigella. But generally speaking, the wildflower seed packets seem to be the cheapest option and they come in varieties that suit different soils, different balances of grass to flower ratios etc. You can also get plug plants but generally the seed is quick growing so if you get sowing in the next few weeks, you should have something to enjoy this summer.
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  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,533
    It depends on what you mean by wildflowers.
    The native British wildflowers that are sadly disappearing rapidly do need people like yourself to sow and allow to spread.
    Corncockle, birds foot trefoil, knapweed, corn poppy, white and red clovers are just a few that need help.
    is a good place to look at but think about where you are and the soil you have.
    Maybe contact your local Wildlife Trust for some advice they are alsways willing to help.
    Good luck

  • ken378ken378 Posts: 3
    Apologies is this is a daft question but how do I tell what soil I have - are we talking clay vs limestone based?
  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,533
    Not a daft question at all.
    Many plants need certain soil conditions and some with thrive in one type but not another.
    It could be clay vs limestone but it also looks at the pH of the soil. A simple testing kit will tell what the pH of your soil is and then you can check what wildflowers are suitable for your area.
    Yellow rattle is a great wildflower but needs to have an area that is made suitable for it to get going (search this) and many wildflowers do not like rich/fertile soils.
    Again try your Wildlife trust. They all have wildflower experts who can advise you on what you could try in your garde.
    Albeit Corvid they will still respond by email but it may take a little longer.
    They are a great source of knowledge.
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