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what kind of newt

hi all i hope you can help these are best pictures i got of this newt and was wondering if any ideas 


  • clarke.bruntclarke.brunt Posts: 215
    I have to try looking it up, as I bet you've been doing. Why are many sites so annoying - they miss out some crucial feature, or the photos don't show the feature they're writing about.

    Anyway, I reckon male Smooth Newt. Male because it's got a 'crest' and the underside (esp. the blotch pattern continuing on the chin and under the head) seems to match smooth newt. Looks like the blotches stop at the chin of the 'Great Crested Newt', which is also 'warty'.

    This site has maybe the best diagnostic features I've found so far - but isn't into mentioning that females don't have crests.

    This site is going well, but then throws in that Great Crested Newt has a 'pale throat' - not in any photos I've seen so far...
  • GreenbirdGreenbird Posts: 235
    I'd agree with male smooth newt 

  • ty so much for your help
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