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Step-over or low growing spreading plants

I would like to grow a living barrier for the edge of my new decking area and i was thinking of either a step-fruit or scented plant which i can grow in a container but train outwards as a living feature. Has anyone grown any step over fruits or low growing honeysuckle or other ideas? How big would the pot need to be?


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,379
    edited March 2021
    We grow stepover pear trees which are quite successful- pretty but not much fruit yet.  They are in the ground, not pots.

    I think you could grow them in pots, if you have them on a dwarfing rootstock, but you’d need as big a pot as you can manage.  Have you tried emailing some of the fruit tree companies for advice?  Ashridge nurseries or orange pippin are both very helpful IME
  • Thank you for the advise may contact a nursery.
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