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Sleeper Bed Trees

I'm having some sleep beds built on the front of my drive so will be maybe 2-3ft wide but fairly long.

Looking for some inspiration and ideas what to plant in there. Nothing that need much looking after.

Was thinking abiut putting Palm trees in. Would the roots be OK? Bay trees?


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    Are they open to the ground as that will help tree roots spread.
    Your tree choice would depend on your sun/shade/wind conditions.
    Palms tend to suffer in cold winds and bay trees aren't totally hardy either. 
  • Yeah so the sleeper beds will be open to the ground. However the beds will sit where mid sized conifers were. The sleeper beds will be 2 sleepers high. The would get alot of sun, as far as sun goes in England. 
  • You’ll need to improve the soil significantly for the plants to thrive, as conifers impoverish the soil and leave roots in the ground. Even before the sleepers are laid, I’d recommend getting out there with a fork and a good load of organic matter, digging the site over and removing as many roots as you can. Palms should be fine, providing you choose a hardy species—Trachycarpus fortunei is particularly nice. An alternative with a similar spiky effect is Cordyline, if your conditions are reasonably mild.
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