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Contemporary raised bed - plant ideas

JR44JR44 Posts: 8
Hi all,

I have just had some decking done in my new garden and am planning a raised bed (see pic). I’d like some advice if possible on plants as I’m a relative rookie.

 I’d like this area of the garden to be more formal and contemporary than my other borders. In my head I’d like a taller upright variety at the back to give the fence some cover (perhaps 3 in a line of something), and another shorter variety at the front to provide some ground cover along the front. It’s south east facing so gets plenty of sun. It’s 3m in length, 60cm wide.

Any thoughts and ideas welcome!


  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    edited March 2021
    Shaped bay trees and lavender

  • JR44JR44 Posts: 8
    JoeX said:
    Shaped bay trees and lavender

    This looks great! My container bottom goes into the ground, will that be alright with bay trees or could they get quite large? 
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