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Has hubby made a mistake - pruning Clematis Armandii

SusieQ4SusieQ4 Posts: 4
hubby ‘pruned’ our Clematis as it was becoming very top heavy and a bit overgrown.
In the first few years it was planted in flowered very well but less so the last few years.
please see pics ... this was pruned back hard three weeks ago.  Is this the correct way to do it?  Will it come back to full glory from here?




  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,877
    As you've gone this far, I'd trace a few stems up from the base, cut the top, and untangle them and spread them out to the sides , which will , in time , cover the whole trellis. 
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,022
    Are you sure it's Armandii as they are supposed to be evergreen.  They also flower early in spring and belong to pruning group 1 which means they only get pruned back to maintain shape and size once flowering is over. 

    If it is Armandii you have lost the flowers for this year so the best thing would be to follow @Hostafan1's advice and cut the main stems back further then train them as horizontally or diagonally as possible so that any new growth covers the trellis on your side and you get to enjoy the flowers next year.   Give it a good feed too and make sure it has a long, deep drink.  Remove that top tangle.

    Even if it is a different clematis I'd still cut it back as above and feed it and wait and see when it re-grows and flowers.   Keep an eye on new shoots forming lower down too and train them in as they appear and before they become a knotty tangle. 
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