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Does my box (buxus) plant has an issue?

rafuk73rafuk73 Posts: 65
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I noticed this year all my boxus plants have whitish edges on their leaves. Could you please advise if there is a problem with my plants. I recently planted all of them into the ground. They used to be in pots for few years.



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,053
    no problem
  • Just from the photo, I'd have said you had an interesting 'variegated' variety (quick - offer it - 'extremely rare' - on well-known auction site!). Looks in excellent health otherwise. Can't think of anything other than a bit of cold getting to the tips and extremities. Then again it's supposed to be very hardy, but you so often see them with brown areas.

    I didn't expect to find useful information on this, but just found (on ):

    Cream/Yellow Tipped/Edged Leaves

    If a buxus plant is unhappy, it usually makes this known through the colour of its leaves. White, cream or yellow tips or borders to the leaves are a common sign of stress, especially in young recently transplanted plants and pot-bound older plants. The leaves will become uniform green again when the growing conditions improve or are improved.

    Am I allowed to say - though it's 'Box', the latin is 'Buxus' (now I've mentioned it then it will give the forum search something to find when anyone looks up 'Buxus').

  • rafuk73rafuk73 Posts: 65
    Many thanks for you reply! I have also corrected the name the thread heading))
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