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Can I keep naturalizing bulbs under annuals?

I want to keep the daffodil and crocus in the garden. I heard that they can be left in ground unlike tulips that are best dug up. My question is can they be left in ground and plant under annuals? Will they rot in summer rain and regular watering of plants? My garden soil is heavy clay but I will dig in 8cm of compost this year.


  • RobmarstonRobmarston Posts: 335
    I would think so. It’s certainly what I’m planning to do. To a degree, it may depend on the bulb, but daffs and crocuses should be fine. You’d need to be careful not to dig them up when you’re adding your annuals.  I’m planning on leaving my tulips in as well. I’ve got some perennial ones and planted them really deep so hopefully they’ll be ok.  Others here may know better though. 
  • The usual 'garden' daffodils and crocus are almost invariably left in the ground, and do fine. They won't rot, and I'd be surprised if watering of other plants in the open ground is needed much, and if it is, I doubt it would make more than a superficial difference to soil moisture (I think of watering as something for plants in pots, other than for newly planted stuff). You're right that tulips often don't thrive if left in the ground.

    Crocus will probably be quite shallow - you might keep unearthing them while dealing with the annuals (probably harmless - just put them back). And the daffodil foilage should be left until it dies naturally - it might still be there when you're planting the annuals.

    There are some specialised species of daffodil (i.e. Narcissus) which don't tolerate summer wet. E.g. I grow Narcissus romieuxii in pots, and keep the pots dry under the greenhouse staging all summer, but the typical 'garden' ones don't need this.
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