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Red bud and Mexican plum

jamesholtjamesholt Posts: 575
These plants are in flower and in my opinion are very pretty.  They grow wild on my property and self seed. Do you think they are attractive enough to move some of the small plants that have self seeded into your garden?  I'm thinking of digging up some of the small ones and moving them?  They are eastern red bud and Mexican plum.


  • PeggyTXPeggyTX Posts: 556
    Your trees are lovely!  I'm in Central TX, too (Temple).  I have 2 Eastern red buds.  One very mature redbud out in my front yard and a smaller one nearby it (probably self planted).  They should do much better this year (and be more focal in season) as they were, for years, under shade of several small  oak trees.  Don't know why the foromer owners planted them in a shady bed, but I just inherited that choice.  I cut out two "trash" trees nearby causing a good bit of the bloom-retarding shade and hope they will start blooming much better in years to come.  They are looking good this week though. :)

    My rear neighbot at my last house 8 blocks away from here had plum trees on our shared fenceline.  Love those, too.  I think they add a lot to the landscape when blooming, both city or rural settings.  Were I you, I'd dig up and plant in choice spots any saplings you can get moved.  You just can't have too many blooming trees in the vista IMHO.  There are a lot of the plums along the roadway driving down there and I enjoy them so.  Would love to add some to our rural property in Gause one day.  But our soil there is pure sandy :( and it's pretty difficult to get plants too young to take there successfully without much amending at the planting site.   
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  • jamesholtjamesholt Posts: 575
    My soil is very sandy and they seem to like it.  Have you tried growing wild plums?  I planted twenty of the plums in pots and never had one come up?  
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