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Sweet Pea Leaves Turning Yellow/White on Edges


I'm located in Michigan in 6a. I sowed my sweet peas in Espoma seed starter in toilet paper tubes four weeks ago and this week I transferred them to larger containers with more of the same seed starter. I had them under LED grow lights until this week and have now put them on a windowsill in the greenhouse. I've also been feeding them diluted seaweed solution once a week once they started growing. Before I transplanted, one plant started getting yellowing leaf edges on the bottom set of leaves and now a few others seem to also be following (and the original almost looks like it's starting to go white, pix attached below) Is this from a nutrient deficiency? Or due to the light/sun? Thank you!


  • FireFire Posts: 18,973
    Welcome to the forum. What are you outside night time temps like at the moment?
  • Thank you! Still pretty cold. . .below freezing or just above. The room I currently have them in is a sun room attached to the house. At night I've been tucking them into a cheap portable greenhouse in that room that usually stays in the upper 50s, to low 60s overnight.
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