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Tried this post a while ago but didn't get any response so thought I'd try again - second time lucky.  I am having new fences erected 6'high by 40' long.  I am not sure how many roses I will need to cover this length of fence.  Also not sure whether a climber or rambler would be best.  My seating area is next to the fence so don't want anything too invasive.  I particularly like Felicite Perpetue, Ghislaine De Felingonde, Iceberg & Wollerton Old Hall.  Has anyone ever grown these & would they be suitable, or if anyone has any other suggestions they would be gratefully received.


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    I have Ghislaine de Feligonde growing on a 6ft fence and so does my daughter. She's lovely and repeat flowers. We both also have Teasing Georgia, yellow from David Austin. I had Felicité Perpetué on a tall wall, she was very vigorous and got to the top, 1st floor. I suppose she could be trained sideways but she's very prickly, only flowers once but was smothered with flowers. A lot of ramblers only flower once and some are very vigorous. I had Wedding Day on a 5ft fence at my last house but trained her sideways, she grew 7 metres wide,  she was glorious but only for 3 weeks. Malvern Hills repeat flowers, pretty vigorous too, would need tying in sideways, rather than letting her go up too tall. I have Penelope against a fence, she can be grown as a short climber or a shrub. Open Arms is pretty but took a few years to get going.

    Have a look, if you haven't already, at some catalogues, such as Peter Beales or David Austin, they often have good descriptions and photos. But there are so many, it can be confusing!

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  • Your best bet would be to use roses of similar spread. 'Felicité et Perpetue' gets quite large and only flowers once. 'Ghislaine de Féligonde' is more restrained, reaching about 8' wide. If you opted for varieties of a similar size, you could have five plants along the fence. 'Blush Noisette', 'Cornelia' and 'Snow Goose' would work well with 'Ghislaine'; or there are also 'Jasmina', 'Guirlande d'Amour', and, slightly larger, 'Francis E. Lester'. These kinds of small-flowered, repeat-flowering roses are not typical ramblers or climbers, but they are very good for the situation you describe. Among the David Austin roses, 'Wollerton Old Hall', 'Claire Austin' and 'Generous Gardener' are really nice.
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    I have Malvern Hills on a wire mesh fence where it can get to 6' high and about 8m wide when it matures.   I have a Lady of the Lake on a slightly lower fence opposite it - repeat flowering pink flowers.

    They are both David Austin roses and they also offer Snow Goose, a white repeat rambler and Mortimer Sackler which is another pink one.

    In my last garden I had a Teasing Georgia which happily covered a 6' x 6' trellis panel and a Generous Gardener which covered 3 such panels.   

    Kiftsgate is a single flush rambling rose which can get to 10m very easily.  I had one in my last garden and it was fabulous but just the one lot of flowers followed by hips in autumn.  I've brought one of its babies with me.  Rambling Rector and Wedding Day are 2 more very large, white, single flush ramblers.   

    In this garden I have planted that baby plus a Pilgrim and a Graham Thomas to grow on trellis up a wall that doesn't get hot midday sun because they don't do so well in the heat here and I have planted a Ghislaine de Féligonde in full sun because I'm told she can take it.    
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    Many thanks for all those suggestions.  I hadn't realised I could have so many against the fence so that's a real bonus!  I will take a look at all the ones suggested & try to make a decision! Thanks again.
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