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Can anyone tell what this plant is?

It’s an evergreen shrub, no flowers. Foliage is similar to a hebe but is aromatic. Slightly citrusy or maybe herbal. Hard to describe. About 2ft tall. Thanks! 


  • borgadrborgadr Posts: 709
    Looks like a quite woody thyme to me, but I wouldn't swear by it.  Hopefully you'll get a second opinion shortly! 
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,298
    Check out Prostanthera
  • checked out prostanthera looks right but this has never flowered. Came in a mixed tub of plants about five years ago and I’ve potted it on but never known what it is. Also leaves could be thyme but shape and size say it’s not thyme. Doesn’t smell like thyme. 
  • I'd guess Prostanthera as well. It is also known as alpine mint bush and does have a nice smell. Mine has flowered but it was not very long lasting flowering and it was out of flower most of the time since it was planted. I moved mine a few months back as I think the place it was growing had become too shaded for it to do well and yours might have a better chance of flowering in full sun if it is in shade at the moment. The first one I bought died in its first winter most likely from the damp cold it was getting in my garden and I reckon it probably needs good drainage as well as good light.
  • is it the kind of plant that would come in a mixed tub from your average garden center ?The tub had a little conifer, a heather, this one and a pieris, all split up a couple of years ago. The tub was only a tenner so i know it must be something cheap and common.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    If you have never seen flowers in the 5 years, it could be a small version of Ilex Crenata like Ilex Crenata 'Dwarf Pagoda'. Flowers are very insignificant. Do you ever see any small black fruits?
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