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Forgot to clip newly planted bare-root Beech hedge

molamhmolamh Posts: 8
I planted a bare-root Beech hedge in my front garden, but I forgot to clip the top bud. I heard doing this straight after planting helps promote better growth at the base. 

It was planted by me back in October/November, but wondering would it be safe to clip the top of the whips in now in March, or should I wait till next winter? My understanding is the plant is still dormant in March, but should spring into life again in April. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,145
    The sap will already be rising and in some plants the flow is so strong they can bleed to death because the new wound doesn't heal.   Just snip on and see if it bleeds or whether the sap sets - like blood clotting on a cut.

    Then you can decide whether or not to cut the rest now or wait till sap flow slows in June or July before you shorten the tops.
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  • molamhmolamh Posts: 8
    Thank you for that useful information. I will give one of them a try and see. 
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