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Talkback: Growing apples on the allotment

was given a dwarfed bramley apple tree for my birthday in May, it has 3 lovely apples on ,almost ripe but has suddenly burst into blossom again , any ideas?


  • one of my friends on the burney lane allotment has apple trees but it got a horrible blackspot so wat is this
  • Sorry to hear this is your final blog, Jane. I've really enjoyed reading about your plot - thanks for all the advice and I hope we hear from you again in the future!
  • Hi Jane, thanks for all your blogs about your allotment. Love from Christian x
  • That's a dreadful shame Jane but thanks for sharing your experiences with us and good luck in all that you do. Ian
  • Oh Jane, I'm sorry you're ending your blog. I've found it so encouraging, informative and good fun. Very best wishes and many thanks.
  • Hi, I live NW Spain but come from Devon. The climate here is very similar to that of Devon if slightly hotter but only by a few degrees and just as wet.
    I planted a Granny Smith 2 year old apple tree last year, attached it to my pergola and did a summer pruning this year. I've just noticed that it has come to blossom now in September. (It didn't blossom in spring which was a disappointment)
    How normal is this? Will apples come? The NW Spanish verity too has some blossom but not so much? Weird Huh????
    Can anyone give me some advice?
  • Sorry to loose you Jane, you are a great asset to this site and an inspiration to all us harassed veg growers.

    Hopefully see you in something new soon..?

    All the best.
  • can anyone help me my potatoes everyone I have grown 8 different varieties when they are cooked they just boil away. Help please.
  • thats sad to see you finish this blog all the best and good gardening from northwood kirky allotments and good gardening
  • I planted an apple tree small variety and this year it suppied me with 3 of the most beautiful apples cookers I don't know the type as the tree was purchased at dear old woolies about a year before their demise but the tree lives on, looking forward to next year, I shall give this tree a name saved from the brink!
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