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Good Morning All.
I have a question or 2..

I am going to be planting my hanging baskets and bags with busy lizzies which at the moment are small plants. Like wise with my pots. I know they have to be protected from frost until around end of May..ish:

1. Can I leave them outside and bring them in at night?
2. Can they be left in a garage overnight and bring them back out during the day? or just inside the house somewhere. I don't have a greenhouse.

any other advice/info welcome.

Thank you


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,297
    You can leave them outside and bring them in at night but I wouldn't do that yet as the daytime temperatures are pretty low. Basically, if you wouldn't sit outside in a t-shirt, then your tender plants shouldn't be out there either.
    Don't leave them in a garage overnight as it is not a frost free zone though this could be an option as spring progresses. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for your area.
  • thanks Ceres.
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