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Climber or rambling rose?

Hilary_15Hilary_15 Posts: 83
I am having new fences installed which will be 7' high & 40' long.  I am undecided which type of rose to train up & along the length of the fence & also how many?  I don't really mind which colour to go for but I do have a few in mind which I would like advice on. I particularly like Iceberg, Felicite Perpetue, Ghislaine De Feligonde & Wollerton Old Hall.  Has anyone grown these & can advise which are better than others?  Also are these suitable for the space I have?  Looking at the pictures of Wollerton Old Hall - are  their flowers a little droopy?  My garden table & chairs will be next to part of this fence so would a rambler be a little too invasive?  I would be very grateful for any recommendations.
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