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Seedlings help please

PlantyPruPlantyPru Posts: 142
My first lot of seedlings all died so I replanted but decided to try and use these tiny individual modules to grow them in this time in the hope they would be kept separate and I could transplant them easily without disturbing them too much. The biggest ones in the photo are cucumbers (I think) but I'm worried with how the roots are looking already. Will they be ok as they are to carry on growing or do I need to try and move them already? At the minute they're still in the propagater as there's still some to come up. I don't want to kill these too ☹ 


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,870
    Those modules are really too small for big seeds like cucumbers, more suitable for tiny seeds like petunias. How easy would it be to get the biggest ones out and plant them in pots? I think I would try that as they are getting leggy as well.

    By the way, hope you don't mind if I say, but you sow seeds and plant plants.
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  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995
    Big seed, bigger pot.  I suggest you start over with the cucumbers.  Or repot those into something larger and sow some new ones in the same size pot.  They will soon pass up the ones you replanted.  
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  • herbaceousherbaceous Posts: 2,318
    Can I just say, don't know how many there are in your family but, two cucumber plants are usually plenty for a family of four so you may have some to spare if you do lose any.
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