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Cascading begonia

Please can anyone advice i planted five cascading  begonia into my lage hanging basket and they began to snap off as they were so heavy yet beautiful. Whats best way to support them please


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    edited March 2021
    No idea really but maybe 5 is too many in one basket so they were crowded and couldn't grow strong stems?  Also isn't it a bit early for begonias?
  • Mine snap off as well (so that's a great help!). It's only some of the stems which snap off (where they join the tuber), and only after they've got big and heavy, so I just put up with it. I've sometimes rooted the broken stems (after cutting the flowers off) - with luck there's time for them to form a small tuber ready for the next season. Leaf cuttings work too.

    I guess that having the Begonia tubers deeper in the soil would support the stems, but not much scope for that in hanging baskets.

    For years now, I've settled on a single Begonia in each of my 6 baskets. They happen to be Begonia 'Panorama Scarlet' - reckon I bought them (don't know how many) about 15 years ago. It's not really 'cascading' - more 'upright', but to me seems a 'winner' among plants - vigorous, dark red foliage, vivid flowers. I guess there are other colours in the Panorama series. The tubers get so large that I can hardly fit them in the baskets (and still have some soil) so every few years, I cut the tubers into pieces as they are coming into growth - I guess won't be too long now - they're sitting (without soil) in seed-trays in the greenhouse at the moment.

    I also have Begonia 'Tenella Pink' and 'Tenella Rose' (again there will be other colours). These are more trailing, but I just don't like them as much - they end up in pots.
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