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Looking for some inspiration/ help with a plan lifting up slabs

Hi all! First post here. I am what you would describe as a complete beginner for gardens but now I have the opportunity to make one my own :)

I would like to do something with this area pictured. the soil on top of the black sheet will be gone and the pots will be sorted out but I would like to make the area a lot nicer than it is at the moment. It won't be needed as a sitting area as that will be at the bottom of the garden where the sun is. I will be cleaning the slabs once the soil has been moved and reporting them.

The area pictured gets the sun early morning and then that's it for the day! You cant really see in the picture but the plant along the wall's root is lifting a couple of the slabs so I am also wondering if anything can be done about this? 

I am not sure what I am thinking really, maybe a small corner feature or plants in the long rectangle plant pots along the wall or a nice herb garden? I guess it would need to be things that don't need a lot of sunlight?

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions :)



  • delskidelski Posts: 274
    Oh that climber must look fabulous when in flower. Are you planning on getting rid of it?
  • delski said:
    Oh that climber must look fabulous when in flower. Are you planning on getting rid of it?
    No it's my favourite thing in the garden! I'll see if I can find a pic 
  • chrisharry12345chrisharry12345 Posts: 34
    edited March 2021
    Not the best picture but you get the idea 😊
    Edit: it doesn't want to add from my phone so I shall add when I get in tomorrow from my laptop
  • delskidelski Posts: 274
    edited March 2021
    Can't see the pic, but yes, lifting the slabs will be a good idea. Get a crowbar down the side and see if they lift easy enough. I'd start with that one, looks like you could get some leverage top left where the mortar has crumbled.Then I'd be lifting all the slabs on that row, plus the row at the back against the wall. I'd probably pressure wash the slabs before doing any lifting otherwise you might end up with mud splashing everywhere.
    What's under the black sheet with soil/grass on it? More slabs?
  • Yes there is more slabs. I have a few soil piles that just need removing as I build my daughter a swing and slide that needed concrete bases so I'm wondering if the soil will come in handy for planting or if it just needs to go!

    Would you lift the slabs up and keep them lifted? Works this encourage the roots of the climber to continue to grow as its pretty big as it is! 
  • delskidelski Posts: 274
    Yes I’d remove the slabs and under plant. It’s up to you - maybe you just want to remove a few of them?
  • I would lift the slabs away from the climber and underplant with spring bulbs and maybe a few bedding plants. It looks like a nice spot for morning coffee. I think the roots of the climber will continue to spread with or without the slabs.
  • @delski not the best picture but you get the idea :) 

  • This is one of the other roots of the climber.. its an area with a stone border. Is there a way I can stop the grass growing in it and just keep the plants? Last summer I cleared all the grass replanted the plants from another part of the garden but it hass just filled with grass again around the plants :/  
  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 2,507
    You need to treat the grass as a weed and dig it out regularly.
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