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'Willow wand' naturalisation

CazzieTCazzieT Posts: 69
I have two 'willow wands' growing in tubs which have never really done very well and, to be honest, haven't had much TLC.  One is still in its plaited shape though it had little foliage last year, and the other one I have unravelled a little to allow it to grow more as a bush.  I'm not sure I can regain them as wands and am wondering if I should just give them their heads and put them down at the bottom of the garden where it is quite waterlogged in the winter which might suit them.  Any views welcome, thanks.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,130
    They'll love it in a bog but struggle in pots where they'll get too thirsty.  New stems are quite bendy and can be trained to make "fegdes", arbours, screens depending on how well you weave them.
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  • CazzieTCazzieT Posts: 69
    Yes, I wondered about growing my own willow canes!
  • If you are not bothered about the twisty shape I'd just cut both 4" from the ground and plant. They will grow quickly and you could even stick the offcuts in the ground and they'd grow too! Willow is fab. I cut mine to the ground every year for think pea sticks and best colour like Cornus.
    I'd bet by the end of summer you'd have 6 feet high multi stem shrubs.
  • CazzieTCazzieT Posts: 69
    Great idea, thanks!  I was thinking of putting them with Cornus that is already down there.
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