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Hellebores ID and Advice

TimmyMagicTimmyMagic Posts: 135

I have a few different hellebores in the garden and was hoping to get some IDs and advice. 

#1 - this one I moved in the autumn from another spot and it has looked ugly and sick like this all winter:

I read that hellebores do not like to be moved, but I had no choice as it had to go. Should I just cut it back and hope it does better in time, or should I move it elsewhere? It's in a semi-sheltered spot, not too sunny but not really shady either.


#2 - I know this one is called 'stinking hellebores'. There are lots in the garden and you can see a nice healthy one in the background. However this one is looking sickly. Any ideas why? Should I cut it back or moved it somewhere else?


#3 - this one (ID would be nice) was looking beautiful over the past month or so, but is now looking a bit tatty. Should it now be cut back? I can see new shoots underneath but I'm not 100% sure it's from this plant.



  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    I'm sorry I cannot name your varieties but I may be able to say something useful, since no-one else has. I grow a lot of hellebores and they have looked awful this year because, just as the flower buds were opening, we had a sustained blast of low temperatures and biting winds. Although tough as old boots, they were badly damaged and the leaves and flowers all show this. With yours, I would cut away any real damage but leave leaves that can feed the plant. Take off flowers as they finish. I would let them rest and recover now and look forward to next year. I have moved hellebores without difficulty or loss.
  • TimmyMagicTimmyMagic Posts: 135
    Thanks Posy. I will do as you suggest!
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,726
    No. 3 is probably Hellebore Double Ellen Pink.
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