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Hi I am a novice gardener and I have just received these plants that I ordered. Diseased/Dead?


  • MarranMarran Posts: 192
    They look ok to me ... pot them on/plant out .. What is the bare root?

  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,450
    They don't look too bad, definitely not dead. There's lots of new growth starting on the main stem of the variegated one. The second one of the attached IMG_ files looks like a bare-root so that needs planting as soon as possible. I usually put them in pots to begin with. Also anything that has a plug of roots in compost in the green-see-through plastic wrapping needs potting up ASAP. If you let us know exactly what your plants are, we'll be able to give more advice (if you didn't get any planting instructions with them).
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  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    Stick those roots in a bucket of water for a few hours
  • They just look like that as they have been in the packaging for a couple of days. The foliage on the second plant (a young shrub?) should perk up pretty quickly.

    The variegated one in the first picture is Euphorbia, possibly 'Silver Swan'. I grow that, or rather I did, as they are not so hardy. I've tried twice and found myself pulling it out attempt no. 2 only a couple of weeks ago. Try to find a sheltered, sunny spot in the garden for that one.
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