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Suggestions please for plants in 10inch pots


I’ve got around six 10 inch (height) x 12 inch (diameter) pots and would like some suggestions which flowering plants are most suited for these size pots. I’m hoping to plant some summer bulbs and spring bulbs later in the year in two pots. But for other pots would like to plant that would provide some foliage and also encourage some wildlife. Also, if possible can I pair couple of plants in one pot?
In the backyard in one area I get some shade through the day and another area good amount of sunshine until 3pm. As I live in Midlands we do get occasional good amount of rain and gusty winds. So, hopefully these plants would survive. 
Would appreciate the advice as this would be the first time I hoping to try my hand at growing flowering plants besides vegetables. 
Many thanks in advance 



  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,154
    Have you considered ornamental grasses or maybe nasturtiums? The grasses will give you year round foliage and will move well in the wind. Nasturtiums are very colourful and you can get varieties with variegated leaves, some are trailing and others more compact. You can't put more than one plant in a 30cm pot but make sure you feed them well.
  • WibbleWibble Posts: 89
    Agree with suggestion of ornamental grass. It will give some height and texture. I am a big fan of Carex ‘Prairie Fire’. Looks good all year round. I paired mine with Artemisia (wormwood) and heuchera, all in one pot about the same size as yours. Geranium would also be nice-go for one described as compact.

    The Carex would be a great backdrop to a huge range of plants- just pick something you like the look of and try it- if it doesn’t work out, you can always change it. Took me a while to get over the idea that I had to get every pot and border ‘perfect’ first time, but it really makes it a lot more fun to know you can try things out and change your mind.
  • Brilliant suggestions, will definitely do research on those plants. I’m a bit wary about the ornamental grasses. I love them but a bit doubtful if they would hold well in gusty winds and rain like we just had last week in Peak District weather. 

  • WibbleWibble Posts: 89
    I live at the bottom of hills that the wind sweeps down hard from, and it’s very wet -was wary of grasses for the same reason. But I added several types last year and they’ve all done really well- they tend to sway and let the wind through. In contrast, a sedum that was only a foot high had the top snapped of in a gust as it’s a more rigid sort of plant. If they’re in pots, you can always move them to a sheltered spot against the wall if needs be.
  • Many thanks for the advise. Truly appreciate and next time I visit my local nursery/garden centre will definitely check the ornamental grasses they stock.

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