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Looking for a better incinerator

I bought a garden incinerator from Wilco and loved it but it lasted about 2 years, rusted and died, burned through.  I thought I'd buy a better one but couldn't find one so replaced with similar from Tesco which burnt through today after about six uses at most and only two years use again.

Anyone know of a more substantial version?  I've found a painted version with no lid and I like the lid so not keen on that one and highly promoted on the web appears to be the Crazy Gadget brand.  Is it better than the others do you know?  Thanks.


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,941
    I can't recommend any particular incinerator, but what do you need to dispose of that you are using one so regularly?  Doesn't your council have a green waste service?  It might be no more expensive than buying a new incinerator every couple of years.
  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 924
    @Cloggie, I had the same problem and landed up buying what looks like an oil drum, but is actually a fruit drum. As you said they do not usually come with lids, but I am sure you can improvise.
  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,457
    @KT53, that's the point, I don't use it that frequently so it's a bit galling that l use it a couple of times and it dies.  They don't make things like they used to - even incinerator bins are disposable! Sorry old, grumpy Northern, tight, recycler gardener showing here!  I could've taken it to the tip or even shredded it for compost (I have a great shredder that has lasted for more than three uses - about 15 years now!) but I decided on this occasion to burn it and it annoyed me that by the end of burn, I was chucking the incinerator in the same bin as the ashes!

    @Meomye Next doors has an oil drum type thing and expressed envy at the "chimney" on mine.  I see a space in the market here!

    Time for a rethink before I buy another.

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