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Jasmin - Prune or not to prune?

Hi all, I have Jasmin dotted about the garden. I take cuttings from last years plants and grow them on through the winter and then plant out. I am not sure if I should cut them right down to the base or just discard them and start again? I heard Monty say on GW that you just cut them right back after flowering but does he mean to the base or prune to a bud like a rose? The first pic, (sorry they are sideways) against the brick wall is last years plant. As you can see it is looking sorry for itself but it is still alive. The other pic, against the fence is 3 year old. Again, looking sorry for itself but it does re-flower (or has for the last 2 years) but, granted nowhere near the full flush of its first year. So, the question is, do I leave them, cut them right back, or bin then and start a fresh each year? I am not sure what variety. I know it is not Star.


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    I'm not sure which particular type of Jasmine this is, but looks like one of the poeticus group.Yes you  can cut it hard back. Jasmine is not fully hardy in UK, so there is chance it will not regrow, but snipping away will not make much difference;
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  • Is it too late to prune hard now? My jasmine is looking very sorry for itself...
  • I took the decision just to whip em out. I came to the conclusion that if they had survived they were going to look pretty naff anyway. I have managed to take cuttings each year so, maybe if when you prune and it looks green, you might get lucky and get some of the cuttings to strike to get some new plants. You may as well just prune hard and keep an eye on it. Now things are warming up I guess it won't be long before you see any new shoots or not. Fingers crossed :)
  • Yes, I've not been impressed with it over the past couple of summers. I hadn't thought to prune previously as was doing very little in my garden. Will prune hard and see what happens! 
  • Hi all, I pruned hard 3 of my plants. 1 in a bed and 2 in pots. All have shown signs of recovery. I took cuttings last year just in case so, I guess I will just prune each year and if the don't survive I should have a back up.
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