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Aldi Offers

As there are regular queries on the forum, tomorrow's offers include a lawn scarrifier, walk in plastic greenhouse, and 'obelisks' to support climbers.  These are in Ireland but may be in the UK, or coming soon, as they'll obviously bulk purchase.


  • LatimerLatimer Posts: 1,003
    I'm off to do my Aldi shop later. I'm going to have to show some restraint!!
    I’ve no idea what I’m doing. 
  • RobmarstonRobmarston Posts: 335
    I bought an obelisk from Aldi’s a few years ago. Can’t recommend it - it bent very easily. Don’t know if this is the same one, but be careful. 
  • All the items on offer are on their website, if you need to plan. I haven't been in a supermarket in months and have no intention until I'm fully vaccinated. Some are available to buy online as standard too.
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  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,366
    Your decision, George, but the on line option isn't available over here.  Having worked at one time in Catford, I can appreciate how different life is in the Big Smoke.
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