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Moving a camellia

BusylizBusyliz Posts: 144
Hello experts. Can I move a fairly mature camellia, currently in a pot, into a border that only gets afternoon sun? It's just about to flower so I guess this will need to be done in the autumn. Thanks in advance.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,010
    If it's in a pot it can be planted out any time.   Just make sure the new hole is well prepared with weeds removed and plenty of organic matter mixed into teh soil.   Make sure your camellia has a good soak before you try and get it out of the pot and then tease the roots so they are keen to spread outwards into the soil rather than go round and round. 

    Make sure it's at the same depth it was before and keep it watered thru it's first summer till the autumn rains start - just as you would if it has to stay in its pot till then.
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  • BusylizBusyliz Posts: 144
    Thanks for the advice Obelixx. 
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