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Ceanothus problem

Nettie DNettie D Posts: 56
Last week I noticed a small lower branch had turned brown. Today much more of the plant has turned brown. Is it dead / dieing? What, if anything can I do to save it? 


  • I have had ceanothus have substantial die back similar to this to the extent that on one plant there was just a small proportion of living branch left green. I just left it be for about a year before trimming off some of the smaller bits that were definitely dead and it has made a full recovery. I read they don't like hard pruning into the larger branches and I don't think that would help.
  • I had one that I lost in a windy, exposed corner. Now my new one has grown too big for it's small sheltered corner! Plants eh! 
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  • AstroAstro Posts: 407
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    I've had one in a pot for a number of years and last spring it looked on its way out. After replacing the compost, feeding,  moving it to a sunnier position and a good soak it flourished.
  • Nettie DNettie D Posts: 56
    Thank you all. I will give it a feed and new compost and see what happens. 🤞
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