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Dracaena marginata help!! Urgent

lww123lww123 Posts: 2
I have been trying to save my dracaena marginata for a few months now and nothing has worked. It suffered from severe root rot so I chopped off the the bottom and tried to propagate it in water but that hasn’t worked out and it hasn’t grown any roots. The whole stem has ridges on it and the leaves remain floppy and turning brown!! Help me please :(


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,786
    It's a big ask for a cutting to root while supporting all that leafy growth. The usual way to propagate dracaena is from sections of stem without leaves , but I think it's unlikely to be successful now because it's already started to dry out (that's what causes the vertical ridges on the stem) - the leaves will have been losing moisture too fast. You could give it a go though, nothing to lose at this stage.
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