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Im based in north africa.

I recently picked up a lemon tree. Probably 3 or 4 years old a good size and will likely produce fruit this year or next.

I assumed that citrus trees prefer full direct sun and so put it in a sunny corner of the garden.

Last night it was quite windy ...we get a strong warm wind from time to time and i found the trees leaves hardened and brittle...

Should lemon be put in a more shaded section of the garden?

Your helps appreciated.


  • It made me very sad to say the least.

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Sometimes it depends on how the tree had been raised. They can take wind, but only if it had been kept in that type of condition from young.

    Some plants are kept in controlled surroundings with almost no wind to ensure they look in pristine condition for sale, and that gives them no chance of adapting if you then leave it out.

    I would suggest you start it off in shade to acclimatise it to the new space. Then over the weeks, gradually get it into the sun with some back protection like a wall or a fence. Wind can also dehydrate a plant, so you may find you need to give them a good water due to this.

  • Hi Borderline,

    Thanks for the info...

    So the issue is gradual acclimitisation to the outdoors.

    From its condition what do you suggest i do? The leaves that have hardened brittle shall i leave them or remove them?

    Should i prune it back to give it a chnace to revive? Or just keep watering it and let it be in a cooler section of the garden?

  • tui34tui34 Posts: 3,206
    Hello Marwan
    Your tree has taken some bashing!  Yes it's burnt.  Your sunny spot looks to be a very very hot spot against the wall in full sun.  I'm in the South of France (we can wave across the water!!) and have mine in the lee of the cruel north wind (Tramontane) also against a wall but it gets lots of sun in the summer.   

    I think the leaves are history and will drop off anyway so don't cut anything yet.  @Borderline said - can you move it a sheltered but half sun half shade spot?  Its roots won't have taken yet so you may be in time.  Give it a drink and stand back and hope!  I don't think I would feed it.  Other lemon tree experts on this site will hopefully give their opinion and ideas. 

    It will need fleecing in the winter.
    Have a good day
    A good hoeing is worth two waterings.

  • Thank you appreciate your help it ill relocate it tomorrow and hope for the best.
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