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Frost damaged Jasmine

We have a winter jasmine that is about 8 years old.  It was -9 degrees here a couple of weeks ago and it has been left badly frost damaged on the leaves.   A ceanothus(?) has been affected also.  Is there anything we can do to rescue them.


  • clarke.bruntclarke.brunt Posts: 215
    edited March 2021
    Do you really mean 'Winter jasmine', i.e. the thing that's more stem than leaf, and has yellow flowers in winter? Mine hasn't really got any leaves at this time of year - just a few yellow flowers - and the leaves are rather small even when it grows some. Or 'summer' jasmine - a large twining climber with white flowers in summer (and 'proper' leaves).

    With either of them though, you can trim off anything that's dead (or just leave it - dead bits are trimmed more for aesthetic reasons than to benefit the plant), and there's no doubt they'll grow once the weather warms up. I expect the Ceanothus will do the same (I don't grow that, so don't know).

    Someone had a tatty frost-damaged summer jasmine the other day here Just to be expected at this season.
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