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Putting a mini wooden greenhouse on a platform?

I have a very old plastic mini greenhouse that really should be replaced. I like the look of the tiny wooden and polycarbonate greenhouses that are available, but I want to put it between the back of the house and this weird low garden wall that's about 80cm away. If I put it there I'd have to create some kind of platform (stack of bricks? stilts? ) so that I can access the front doors, or else turn it sideways (it's 70 x 50 cm at the bottom).

Is a platform a foolish idea? It would make better use of the space and light if it were back to the wall, I think. The current plastic one is up on bricks but it's also much more lightweight, and if it blows over it won't break. 


  • Could you not build a small deck type structure from wood to raise it above the wall this would then allow a small amount of air circulation into the greenhouse through the gaps in slats of the floor, which would prevent it getting to hot in the height of summer and you could lay a door mat or similar down in winter to keep the cold air out?
  • ManderMander Posts: 348
    That's what I was imagining. However the darn thing sold out before I could order one so I will have to keep looking for the right solution. 
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