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I need to find a house plant that likes DEEP shade!

I need to find a house plant for our shower room, which receive very little sunlight. I have tried growing Maidenhead fern and Boston fern, and both have died where I have placed them. The room is warm, I have watered them properly and I have misted them regularly. However, I'm convinced it's the constant poor light that is the problem. 
Can anyone recommend a plant that won't grow too tall but will cope with the dimness in the room please?
Many thanks


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    Beloved by Victorians whose over stuffed rooms were usually dark.
  • B3B3 Posts: 27,286
    What do you mean by very little?
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  • Well, there's a small window, it's a deep room with Slate coloured tiles, though light coloured floor and ceiling. The plants were furthest from the window, and though they get some indirect light, it's not that much. However it's generally light enough to use the room during the day without having to put the light on. 
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    I have an orchid that refuses to grow anywhere but on a darkish hallway windowsill with only reflected light through an opaque window and whatever reaches it when we leave a bedroom door open. I don't know if that's common for all orchids or just this particular curmudgeon. I don't particularly like it  but it's out of the way.
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    aspidistras can get pretty big. The form "Milky Way" might fit in a smaller space.
  • I have a Clivia which grows in quite deep shade with very little attention.  It can be put outside for a holiday in the summer if it starts to look sickly and has lovely orange flowers and deep green, strap-like leaves.  Not to be overwatered, though.
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