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Unplanted Tulips

I never got round to planting my tulip bulbs last autumn. Will they last to plant this coming autumn? 


  • dappledshadedappledshade Posts: 1,017
    You could plant them now! They’ll come up much later, of course, but why not!

    I once planted daffodils in January, because I was given them for Christmas, and had them come up in May.
    It was rather cool 😊
  • Thank you dappledshade - maybe I should give it a go... I’ve planted tulips in January before, but never this late! I did mean to plant in late December/Jan, but then we had that really cold snap and everything was frozen for ages! 
  • Bulbs can't usually be 'kept stored' waiting for the next season (well maybe they could in specialised conditions to persuade them to remain dormant). In normal storage, they'll react to the temperature of the season by starting to grow anyway, but in the absence of soil/water will then gradually die. So far better in the ground...
  • Thank you Clarke too, think I’m persuaded then to get them in earth then! Maybe pots that I can sink in the border if they come through, it’ll be an exciting experiment!!

    I’m new to this forum, but loving the advice already! So excited about my garden this year ☺️
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