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Help to identify a hanging indoor plant

annamac2annamac2 Posts: 2
Hi there! 

Very new to this forum so please bare with me. 

I inherited an indoor hanging plant that I can’t identify. It has lost a lot of its hanging branches and I don’t want it to die or loose any more. 

The compost won’t dry out completely even with drainage holes and I haven't watered it in weeks. 

Can someone help identify it so I can give it some proper care!? 


  • B3B3 Posts: 25,224
    Is there water in the bottom of the white container?
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  • annamac2annamac2 Posts: 2
    Nope nothing. 
  • clarke.bruntclarke.brunt Posts: 215
    edited March 2021
    It's a cactus. If trying to look it up, try "Epiphyllum" or "Rhipsalis". Both these, in their natural habitat, would be at least partially epiphytic - growing on trees (not as a parasite - just anchored to the outside). It's not dissimilar to the 'Christmas cacti' that people often have as houseplants.

    It doesn't look in bad shape, but seeing as you say it's losing branches, maybe roots are rotting through too much water. You can stick fallen pieces in (dryish) soil - they should root and grow fairly eaasily.

    Sorry can't be more specific. I'd tend to avoid much water during winter - don't water it unless it's dried out, but probably likes plenty during summer (more than 'desert' types of cacti, though even those like water in summer too).
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