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Screening neighbour's shed

Hello, I am new to gardening and I am looking for some advice for the design of our first garden. Our garden has 2 main constraints:

- It is triangular shaped.

- Our neighbours have big sheds up against our southern boundary.

On the plus side:

- SW facing.
- As the wooden fence to the left was blown we discovered that we have an additional 0.8m-1m of garden.

I am not planning to redesign the whole garden at the moment, as we are dreaming of having a rear extension in the near future which will alter the extents of our patio. I want to start with the back of the garden as it is the biggest eyesore. See sketched plan and picture below.

We are not very keen on replacing the fence with more fence and we would rather fill the space with trees/shrubs/climbers somehow! I was thinking of painting the back of the sheds in dark green - with approval of owners- and then screen it.

I am quite keen to put a pergola or some sort of structure where our brown shed currently is. There is a concrete base so I would just probably tile it.

1.- I would like to plant a tree, don't mind getting a more mature one, but it shouldn't be much taller than the big shed. Also it would need to provide screening all year around.

2.- I've seen some recommendations on using reinforcing mesh to create a climber trellis; any advice on making this work?

Really keen to hear about your suggestions  :blush:

Location: London area.

Thank you.


  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,364
    The large shed on the left of your picture looks to have some sort of serious function, by virtue of its size and roof light.  I'd leave it to others to advise on planting etc., but I'd suggest caution on creating anything of fence/shed/shrub type that will trap leaves and other detritus between you and that shed to ultimately rot and damage the neighbour's property.  If it's used as a workshop or office, they could claim against you for hefty compensation.  Such problems often go unnoticed until it's too late?
  • AstraeusAstraeus Posts: 325
    I think your pergola is well designed for that space.

    Given that there is nothing to affix it to, I don't know that rebar would work - others may have direct experience and be able to offer some tips in that regard. I'd certainly be inclined to bolster the border there from the fence and mesh job there presently - possibly a wooden fence with a trellis top?

    The width of the shed makes me think a tree would be insufficient to screen it as you would like. I'd be inclined to go down the route of shrubs, and possibly something multi-stem to give you a wider spread without completing overcoming the garden. Or you could espalier something if you can establish a trellis there and don't mind a bit of maintenance. The choice of multi-stem shrub or espalier will be yours - there's quite a bit to pick from.

    I wouldn't worry about the threat of being sued, by the way. If said leaves etc begin to accumulate on your neighbour's side (which arguably wouldn't be a problem with lower height shrubs), it's his responsibility, not yours, to clean them up to prevent damage to his property. A wonderful concept called the duty to mitigate. Definitely do not plan your garden around that unfounded concern.

    Any idea what the sheds next door are used for? They seem to have covered their entire garden between that and the corrugated roof shed!
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