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Advice on planting a peony root

Hi everyone,

The other day, I impulse bought a peony root (Sarah Bernhardt) from the supermarket. Earlier today, I noticed it has started to sprout inside the packet, and has some very small leaves visible.

I've read peonies don't like to be planted too deep. The packet instructions say to plant roots 15cm deep but is this still true when it's started to sprout? Or should I keep all the new growth above the ground? Also, would it be best to pot up initially and plant out when it's a bit bigger?

Novice gardener and new to the forum - would really appreciate any advice! Thank you!


  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 568
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    Start it off in a pot. It's till too cold to plant out direct, especially as it has effectively been growing a greenhouse! Keep the shoots just above the ground and that should be the right depth. Don't plant in a windy location. Good luck!
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  • Sounds like a plan, thank you @Inglezinho
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