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Hose end sprayers for use with mixed dosage fertiliser dispenser

I have a large garden and I like to feed my plants once a week with a hose end feed dispenser.  MiracleGro is the only product on the market that I have used but I get soaked everytime I use it and it doesn't dispense other fertilisers (I love liquid seaweed - Envii) in an adjustably controlled dosage.  I've googled this for over an hour and checked out what Amazon have.  There seems to be a big gap in the UK market for something of half decent quality.  I've put my question to Envii and they are looking into it as they only have a fixed dosage dispenser like Miraclegro, I am optomistic as to what their answer will be and I will share it, if its useful.

I wondered if anyone out there was using anything good where you can change the application rate, it takes hours doing it with a hose, it would take triple that time with a watering can!

Many thanks



  • DaveGreigDaveGreig Posts: 109
    I used to have a phostrogen dispenser that used to fit on the end of my watering can. You’d make a concentrated solution of phostrogen in the can and a small tube would suck it out and mix it with the  water from the garden hose which was connected at the top. It really was very good because you didn’t have to stand holding it, you just left it on the ground and moved it around as required. You could use any liquid fertiliser in it but unfortunately they ceased manufacturing some time ago.

    The miracle grow dispensers are, from what I can see, about all there is. They’re complete rubbish and I also get soaked using mine.
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