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  • Well anyone who's read my posts before, knows I'm a big fan of Beechgrove - it's a little gem of a programme crammed with good simple, well meaning information presented by people not unduly trying to outdo their role - a bit like a neighbour who's popped round for a cuppa or to borrow something and then has been put on to do a piece to camera. Only Kirsty hits her marks so if I would advise her to miss a few to blend in.

    The garden has the appearance of being recently blitzed. What did that poor Mahonia aquafolium do to deserve the decapitation? It would have flowered in a few weeks time, I love the scent. Mairi is like a lot of "backroom" types - they prefer to be working out of sight.  
  • delskidelski Posts: 274
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    You're just a snob who uses their (apparent) intellect to belittle and patronise everyone who you deem beneath you. Apart from obedixx who has a similar modus operandum to you (more passive aggressive and less intellectual) so you leave that connasse alone.
    You just insulted mHairi's appearance you superficial penis.
  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 10,347
    I think you will find that the Mahonia had long since flowered, so now was the perfect time to do a renovation prune.
    You try to talk like an expert, but you are not.
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  • hatty123hatty123 West YorkshirePosts: 106
    @delski not saying I agree with sporophyteboy's tone, but where did he insult Mairi's appearance? Saying someone is "backroom" just means they're used to working out of the limelight, it's nothing to do with their appearance. Perhaps you should understand what someone's saying before flinging insults at them, totally uncalled for.
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,985
    Yes @punkdoc.  Mahonias have finished flowering already and mine has even got ripe looking berries already.  For those who paid attention, the team explained why they were cutting it down to reduce bulk and cast less shade.  They did a good job on it.
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  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,397
    Glad to see that Beechgrove has got another series they definitely need some fresh blood to get some life into it so the new guy  is like a breath of fresh air to be honest, the annual question of what to call potatoes is wearing a bit thin now and always seems to be done with quite a bit of self consciousness "so Carole are you a potato person or is it tatties now"?
  • Well, that certainly brought out a few naturally occurring rodents from the wood pile eh? 
    @delski posted:-  You're just a snob who uses their (apparent) intellect to belittle and patronise everyone who you deem beneath you. Apart from obedixx who has a similar modus operandum to you (more passive aggressive and less intellectual) so you leave that connasse alone.
    You just insulted mHairi's appearance you superficial penis.
    As far as I'm aware, the dictionary definition of a snob is someone who is deferentially selective - hardly applicable if I belittle and patronise everyone. My apparent intellect wishes to point out that "operandum" is plural - "operandi" would be more appropriate.
    While you have dredged the barrel bringing genital abuse into the conversation - by guesswork - and suggesting insults, I am quite frankly astounded that you use that "C" word and no one has complained. 
    Ironically, when I wrote "backroom types" I was actually thinking of myself and many other professionals who'd rather be working. 

    I must admit to jumping to conclusions about the Mahonia (my recording chopped off the part where they explained the reasoning ) I should have been wise to the fact that there are many variants - mine has odd flowers through the winter but flushes in spring and it's been so cold here that it's still in bud and seeing as the first episode of Beechgrove was videoed in a blizzard - I presumed too much. Mind you, I do have a predilection for LARGE shrubs - it will grow again but in that position I can't see the reason for a demo job. Saying that, I have just removed a conifer which I used to keep clipped but neglected to do so for 6/7 years and after a few cuppa contemplating a severe 25ft prune - cut it down and on the bonny, couldn't live with it looking like a pig with no ears for ages
  • Chris-P-BaconChris-P-Bacon Posts: 528
    I normally find Beechgrove entertaining but the latest episode was a shocker! (IMHO of course)
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 8,697
    I quite enjoyed it, apart from the piece from Cally Gardens which l thought went on for a bit too long.
    The wildflower trial made me appreciate the amount of work that went into getting those big beds back from the state they were in earlier this year. 
    Just a reminder that it's repeated on BBC 2 at 9.45am today for anyone who missed it.
  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,397
    Would have been better with the new presenter who grows giant vegetables the rest is just too predictable.
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