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Saving Winter pot display plants for next winter

Our Winter pot display has performed really well and we would like to re-use the same plants again towards the end of this year. Does anyone have a proven method of decanting, saving and nurturing these plants ready for re-potting next Autumn?
Also, as you may have gathered this is my first post - any guidance for inserting the photo in the correct orientation would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,690
    Hi Trevor and welcome to the forum.
    The plants you have there could put on a fair amount of growth over the summer so I would pot up each one individually in something like John Innes No2 or a multi purpose compost then come autumn you can decide if they will all fit in the planter again or if they deserve a bit more space to themselves. By the end of the summer the grass should have bulked out quite a bit and you may be able to split it.
    Can't help with the photo orientation.
  • Thank you for the tip Ceres. I hope to be able to share some positive feedback later this year.
  • BiljeBilje Posts: 790
    I've a couple of glazed pots similar to yours. To maximise their use I found large plastic pots that fit inside. They are planted up with in my case Spring bulbs then when they go over I lift the plastic pot out and put a summer display pot in. 
  • Excellent idea @Bilje!
  • I do exactly the same as Bilje.
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