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Parterre planting inspiration

crouch.kcrouch.k Posts: 3
I've recently moved into a house where the front garden is a parterre style. I'm looking for some inspiration for summer infill planting - I like the style, but I haven't really planted anything like this before and I'm a bit stuck for ideas.

The garden is west facing, and gets the afternoon sun, but also the prevailing wind. Soil is quite rich but a little acidic. I'm in Scotland, so it tends to be damp. I'm keen on attracting pollinators.

The hedging is Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea (not in leaf yet so not very clear in this photo). There is creeping thyme and something that I think is Phlox planted as ground cover in the beds, although it is patchy. Right now, there are mixed Anenome blanda, and some small tulips (I am not sure what they are, but they look like naturalising varieties) beginning to appear - those were both a nice surprise and must have been planted by the previous owner. I planted some spare wallflowers in the autumn too. So, I think I should have a reasonable albeit slightly disorganised spring display in a couple of weeks.

If anyone has inspiration for summer infill, I would be very grateful. I'm also considering some kind of central feature in each bed to give them a bit of structure (especially through the winter), so any inspiration for that would be helpful too.

Attached a photo of the space in it's current, slightly sad, end-of-winter state! 

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