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Tree identification please

Can someone please help with an ID of this tree in my garden. It’s approximately 20 to 25 feet tall in a compact form with a spread of 6 feet at base. Flowers around September and is always a big attraction for pollinators. Garden is in Perthshire. 


  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,640
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Eucryphia sp.
    They do well up here.... especially on the West coast.
    There is a fab one in a garden in Crieff on main road.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Brilliant - many thanks Silver Surfer. Coincidentally we are also in Crieff but not on the main road. Our tree is thriving. Fantastic blossom every autumn. 😀
  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,640
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    We enjoy our visits to Crieff and looking to see what is new in excellent/small Bennybeg nursery, Near Drummond castle. It is a glorious run via Dunkeld, Amuree and the Sma' Glen over the top..the views are simply stunning. We often take a picnic and just sit and look at the view. Slower but far nicer than using the A roads .
    That super  Eucryphia is on the Perth Road between Crieff Golf Course and town on the left.

    Pics below Drummond Castle and Highland cow sculptures...they are amazing, so clever.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • BiljeBilje Posts: 770
    This forum is wonderful, not only do we glean gardening knowledge but suggestions for trips out when we can. Thank you Silversurfer for your photographs of Crieff, I've added it to the list of places north of the border to visit. 
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    What a stunning tree!
  • Thank you for sharing @Silver surfer

  • Yes - Bennybeg is a great nursery. Recommend Crieff Food Co in town for coffee and cakes. Many local walks from Crieff - Lady Mary’s Walk along the River Earn is popular. Best in autumn for the tree colours. Three Munro’s locally - one north west from Crieff and two on south side of Loch Earn. Stunning views. Perthshire is magical. 
  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,640
    Don't go telling everyone how wonderful Perthshire is...everyone will want to visit!
    Love the pet sheep.
    Snow pic...just beautiful.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Haha. 😀
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