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Angel wings dying :-(

PlantyPruPlantyPru Posts: 142
  I have an angel wings I got last year and it's not fairing too well at the minute. It was covered in tiny little black eggs? I think so I've taken off the leaves they've already destroyed and have tried to wash off the hundreds of others, it now has no leaves near the bottom of the plant though. Can anyone tell me what they are please and whether I'm doing the right thing to remove them? Also, how can I stop it keep happening and is there a way to make my plant look less leggy? I got it last year after my father in law died and I really don't want to lose it 


  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 Posts: 890
    I’m not sure what the eggs were, it’s hard to tell from the photo, but I suspect its mostly suffering after the recent cold weather. I’m not sure how hardy they really are but hopefully it will perk up when the weather improves and we move into Spring. And yes, removing any damaged leaves is fine.

     If it’s been in the same pot since purchased it could probably do with some fresh compost or some plant food (if not already done). They aren’t very long lived plants and I suspect they do naturally become leggy as they mature.
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